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5th Map + Checklist

5th Map + Checklist

The 5th Map offers exceptional value for practices.

If you have Accreditation in the next 24 months, this is a highly functional addition to your practice and business. The offer of $330 includes the 5th Map PLUS the 5th Map Checklist's map, Suggsted Uses document, custom printing of practice name, postage / delivery and is inclusive of GST.


5th Map + 5th Map Checklists includes high resolution maps on high quality rip-proof and water-proof paper, custom practice name printing, postal tube and delivery costs and GST.


[If you would like a frame set, +$220, please email me direct]


Print sizing:
A0 size = 1.2 metre x 0.9 metre [as per images]
A1 size = 0.9 metre x 0.6 metre


Ordering can be via:

  • Website purchase
  • Email and I will send tax invoice.
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