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5th Standards

& Accreditation on one page.

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About the Checklist

About the 5th map

Simplified Accreditation preparation

As a practice manager, while planning Accreditation, I was unable to visualise the scope and context of the Standards.
Where to start and how to allocate and track tasks was unclear.

The 3 Modules, 17 Standards, 44 Criterions and 120 Indicators across 184 pages were all calling for my attention. 

After successful Accreditation, I designed what I wished I had beforehand.

The 5th map [above] displays what a practice needs to get done and the bonus Checklists map [below] displays all checklisted items.


The 5th map is a real map, analogue, tactile and designed to be on a wall and seen everyday by the practice manager and partners, doctors, nurses, reception and allied.

Both high resolution maps are formally and exclusively licensed to 5th map by RACGP as an accepted resource. They will assist practices to understand the Standards and prepare and manage pre-accreditation activities. 

The 5th map is supported by AGPAL.


There is a structured flow of information and wide margins for resource and task tracking. It will become mission control for Accreditation and quality improvement activities.  The 5th map is designed to compliment all existing Accreditation resources.


Below are sample lines from:
[green] or General Practice [blue] or Quality Improvement [maroon]

displaying Standards, Criterions and Indicators.

Content text is:
Coloured Indicator numbers, strictly as per the Standards.
Concise real-world text, in grey, straight to the point of what is to be done.
Page of the Standards, in orange, for further reference as necessary .



At $308 this is affordable for all practices inclusive of custom printing, royalty to RACGP, delivery and GST.

By encouraging multi-year awareness, understanding, compliance and action this should avoid dormant years followed by an intense last-minute pre-Accreditation rush.

Use the maps to bring the practice team with you, allow them to contribute, save time, money and protect your focus.

The 5th map demonstrates the practice is being accredited, not the practice manager.

Feedback from Practices


Who, Why & What is the
5th Map For?



I am a practice manager of an Adelaide general practice with:
2 GP partners

4 GPs

2 GP registrars

4 nurses
7 admin staff

6 allied health

4 visiting specialists


Adherence to RACGP Standards demonstrates general practice excellence. 

This involves extensive commitment in time, planning, resources, focus and money.

I commenced Accreditation preparation later than I should have. In part, being unable to visualise the entirety of the Standards.


After Accreditation, I created what I wished I had beforehand. 

The 5th map is a one page infographic summarising the Standard’s 184 pages and custom printed with your practice name.

The 5th map is designed to be on a wall and seen everyday by the entire practice.


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